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This method provides a good visualization method for model results. Currently, only methods for glmnet models are implemented.


# S3 method for model_fit
autoplot(object, ...)

# S3 method for glmnet
autoplot(object, ..., min_penalty = 0, best_penalty = NULL, top_n = 3L)



A model fit object.


For autoplot.glmnet(), options to pass to ggrepel::geom_label_repel(). Otherwise, this argument is ignored.


A single, non-negative number for the smallest penalty value that should be shown in the plot. If left NULL, the whole data range is used.


A single, non-negative number that will show a vertical line marker. If left NULL, no line is shown. When this argument is used, the ggrepl package is required.


A non-negative integer for how many model predictors to label. The top predictors are ranked by their absolute coefficient value. For multinomial or multivariate models, the top_n terms are selected within class or response, respectively.


A ggplot object with penalty on the x-axis and coefficients on the y-axis. For multinomial or multivariate models, the plot is faceted.


The glmnet package will need to be attached or loaded for its autoplot() method to work correctly.