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Pass options to the fit.model_spec() function to control its output and computations


fit_control(verbosity = 1L, catch = FALSE)



An integer to control how verbose the output is. For a value of zero, no messages or output are shown when packages are loaded or when the model is fit. For a value of 1, package loading is quiet but model fits can produce output to the screen (depending on if they contain their own verbose-type argument). For a value of 2 or more, any output at all is displayed and the execution time of the fit is recorded and printed.


A logical where a value of TRUE will evaluate the model inside of try(, silent = TRUE). If the model fails, an object is still returned (without an error) that inherits the class "try-error".


An S3 object with class "control_parsnip" that is a named list with the results of the function call


fit_control() is deprecated in favor of control_parsnip().


fit_control(verbosity = 2L)
#> Warning: `fit_control()` was deprecated in parsnip 0.1.8.
#>  Please use `control_parsnip()` instead.
#> parsnip control object
#>  - verbose level 2